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Our Story

The start of a new day….
I will never forget when my personal experience became the fuel that drove me to help make the world a better place! It was the day after Mother's Day, and I remember feeling hurt and angry. I called up my BFF and shared with her how my husband did not put in the time to acknowledge me, not only, on Mother's Day, but also on birthdays, on Valentine's Day, on Anniversaries, and on Christmas!

I do not want to throw my husband under the bus. When my husband would remember, he took time out of his day to say "Happy This” and/or “Happy That"; on occasion, he ran out on the same day to get flowers; or he might suggest we “Catch a Movie". His efforts of trying to make me feel special left a lot to be desired, to say the least! For seven years, on special occasions, he would commit the same thoughtless, last minute acts of kindness. When it came to my special days, there was no creativeness, passion, or thought in my husband’s approach to making me feel appreciated and loved. I guess I was supposed to know I was special?

What next…

As I listened to my friend explain her feelings about her husband’s lack of sensitivity, I thought there was nothing I could do to make my BFF feel better except share with her how crazy my Mother’s Day had been. My spouse lived out of town during Mother’s Day, and he did not even send me a gift, card or call me. Instead, he calls me the day after Mother’s Day, and asks me to do him a favor. “Really?” I said. “You did not even wish me a Happy Mother’s Day and now you want a favor from me?” He proceeds to make me feel worse by saying, “Why would I wish you Happy Mother’s Day, you are not my mother, hahaha.” I know his “joke” was his way of dismissing the fact that he forgot to wish me a happy Mother’s Day, but I was furious. How could someone be so insensitive? What did I need to do to prevent feeling insignificant on days I am supposed to feel special and loved?

Our Vision

We stayed on the phone going through our emotional roller coaster of hurt, anger, laughter, (we joked about how to fix thoughtless people), until we came up with a plan of action. On the day after Mother’s Day 2012, we started creating the concept to what is now today CherishingTimes.com. Our goal is to make it easy for people who forget, wait until the last minute, or have limited creativity make the special people in their lives feel special! Because of our story, we want to make changes in how people celebrate one another. We do not want anyone feeling as though he/she is not cherished. We live in a world that moves in such a fast pace, we forget to take the time to appreciate the people who mean so much to us. Therefore, we created CherishingTimes.com, to help you cherish the people in your life who mean the most to you: parents, grandparents, spouse, children, siblings, boss, coworker, pastor, and YOU! CherishingTimes.com wants to spread love throughout the world, whether it is with thoughtfully planned out gifts or a special jingle that expresses one's love and appreciation.
CherishingTimes.com is cherishing you!

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